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Big saving on heating bills

SIPs are one of the most environmentally responsible building systems available. A SIP building provides extremely high levels of insulation and is extremely airtight, meaning that the amount of energy used to heat and a cool a room can be cut by up to 50 percent.

SIPs buildings are more energy efficient, stronger, quieter and more draft free than older technology systems, like timber framing. Less air movement or leakage translates into less drafts, fewer penetrations for noise, lower energy bills and a significantly more comfortable and controllable indoor environment.

The result is lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The inherent airtight construction lends itself to mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems (MVHR) which reduce energy costs and improve air quality.

Speed of build

A home constructed using SIPs can be put up as much as 60 percent faster than a traditionally constructed building. SIPs panels are cut to size at our plant and delivered ready to immediately install on site. Window openings are also pre-cut. Because of the increased building speed, on-site labour costs can be dramatically reduced. Labourers will be on site for less time and it is possible to avoid construction during winter periods.

Using SIPs also cuts out the need to use contract bricklayers to construct the inner leaf required in a traditional build.


A SIPs structure has a lightweight shell and therefore does not need heavy foundation design. Our highly trained team of engineers will be on site during the construction and will ensure that the building shell is put up in the minimum time possible.

Strength of build

SIPs are lightweight (approximately 25Kg/m2) making them easier and quicker to assemble on site. However, SIPs are also noted for their superior strength. SIP buildings are capable of withstanding extreme climate and weather conditions.

Once completed, a SIPs structure forms a monolithic shell which is up to seven times stronger than a conventional timber frame structure.

This provides a building with a very robust and solid feel which can be indistinguishable from a traditionally constructed building once complete.


Low Maintenance

High Quality durable materials that need little upkeep.



Keeping your guests warm with Thermal Class 2+3 down to -18.


Extend your

Heppy Living; working or holidays year round maximising use.



Next generation buildings built offsite delivered complete - saving £'s.


Made in

Manufactured in Britain helping to support the British supply chain.

Available in a Full Kit, Flat Packed for an easy build.

What's it made of?

Our buildings are available in a range of sizes that will accommodate all needs. They come as a Full Kit, including the structure plus all fixings including external finishing (cladding, windows & doors and roofing). Depending on the size of the building and the size of your team the average building should take approx 3-5 days to erect and weatherproof allowing you to move onto the next job quickly.

All components required to erect the building will be supplied in one delivery direct to site, removing all the hassle at your end.


SIP Panels

98mm External Walls, Floor & 122mm Roof.


SIP Splines

SIP joining Splines to ensure that your joints are fully insulated.


C24 Timber

Openings, Windows and/or Door recesses.


Roof Materials

Rubber Roof, Trims and Adhesive.


Exterior Cladding

Thermowood Cladding for all external walls.


Windows & Doors

UPVC 40mm double glazed windows & doors.


Choose your Building, we'll do the rest.



Mini Lodges



Garden Rooms

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